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Digital Marketing: What is Geo-Fencing Advertising

Imagined if you could put a virtual fence around a specific town, specific addresses, your competitors businesses and serve and ad to only the people that fir your exact customer profile.....Well Now You Can!!!!!

Addressable Geo-Fencing brings to advertisers a powerful, efficient, and accurate new way to target specific households and businesses with digital advertising.

Addressable Geo-Fencing can be used both as a stand-alone digital tactic and to improve the results of addressable TV campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts that target specific households. By extending the reach, improving the frequency, and measure foot traffic from the people who clicked on the ads and walked into your business, Addressable Geo-Fencing makes all household/business targeting efforts more effective.

To use Addressable Geo-Fencing, advertisers upload up street addresses. Those street addresses are then automatically converted into geo-fences that conform to the plat lines of each address. Then, devices seen within those plat lines are targeted with mobile, video, desktop and OTT ads. Additional data targeting overlays can also be applied.

How Does This Benefit Your Business?

  • Highly precise. Targeting is based off of plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize precision of addresses being targeted.

  • Highly scalable.

  • Improved reach over IP-based solutions

  • Provides foot traffic attribution. Conversion Zones can be used with Addressable Geo-Fencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location.

  • Improves performance of addressable TV, direct mail, and other campaigns that target specific households by extending their reach, improving their frequency, and providing attribution.

  • Personalize creative based on address level intelligence.

  • Granular reporting. Report and break down campaign performance by ZIP.

  • Cross Device Targeting.

  • Effectively and efficiently on-board offline data.

  • Audiences are updated on a daily basis.

Reach out to us today so we can assist with developing a digital marketing plan for your business.

Vince Gambino

Director of Sales

Longport Media

609-653-1400 x165

Next week we will discuss competitor Geo-fencing & Billboard Geo-fencing

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