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Why Video?

Leverage your TV creative assets to extend into digital advertising! Video is a great way to extend your reach utilizing geographic and behavioral targets. 

Pre-roll video, for example, is powerful not only for its targeting capabilities, but also because of the lean-in experience for consumers. When your potential customer sees your ad, it’s immediately after they have clicked through to watch free content from publishers. It’s at the point when they’re most engaged in the experience!

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Because of its visual nature, 80% of users can recall a video ad they’ve seen in the past 30 days.

Pre-Roll Video Ads

  • Video ads appearing before free video content from publishers such as local news sites, CNN, Forbes, ABC Family, and


Mid-Roll Video Ads

  • Video ads appearing within longer video content such as streaming complete television episodes.


Post-Roll Video Ads

  • Video ads appearing at the end of online video content.


Non-Skippable Ads

  • Video ads 15 seconds or less in length ensuring users must completely view the ad before continuing to their free video content.


Skippable Ads

  • Video ads longer than 15 seconds in length with the option to skip after the first five seconds.


In-Banner Video

  • Video ads converted to run in standard display banner spaces.

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Video Options

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